Welcome to Crow Counseling

Therapist Kelley Welcome! My name is Kelley O’Hanlon and I am a therapist in Redmond, WA. I’m glad you are here. Searching for your next therapist, or especially your first, can be a daunting prospect. I’m honored your search has led you here. If you’re searching for an effective and caring therapist who can understand your unique situation, you’ve come to the right person.

I help clients who are dealing with many different issues, including anxiety, family-of-origin issues, couples/relationship issues, bipolar, and depression. I specialize in alternative lifestyles. My passion is helping clients from any or all of the following groups: geeky, LGBTQQIA, BDSM/kinky, poly/non-monogamous, alternative spiritualities and/or atheists. If you have a story about how a therapist latched onto one part of your life as being THE problem, rather than looking at and exploring the issues of your life as whole, then I'm the kind of therapist who can help you.

I support clients in their desire to live more fulfilling lives by means of individual, and couples, therapy.

Please explore my website to find answers to frequent questions and concerns. You are welcome to contact me with any additional questions you may have. When you’re ready to begin, please contact me by email at crowcounseling@gmail.com or call me at 425-223-3495. I offer the first session free, so we can both decide if this is a good fit. Most people who set up a time to talk, end up continuing with me as their therapist. My take on this is: If you think I’m the right therapist for you, there’s an excellent chance that you are right!